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A good coffee and breakfast sandwich has been my morning Ritual since I was first allowed to drink coffee. While living in Providence from 2017-2021, I found it very inconvenient to get a good cup of coffee and a good breakfast sandwich. Some places nearby had good coffee while others had good food, but to get both I needed to travel, try my luck at finding parking downtown, or wait in long lines. With a busy schedule it wasn't feasible to get what I was looking for on a consistent basis. An idea was born. A place with great food and great coffee that is on every corner and can serve its customers efficiently is what we need. Through a series of events Ritual was born in Warwick, RI in 2022. Before long, Ritual will be on every corner to make sure you have what you need to complete your daily food and coffee Ritual. Stop in for spectacular and responsibly sourced coffee provided by New Harvest Coffee Roasters, breakfast sandwiches with cracked (never microwaved) eggs, and a lunch menu full of Boar's Head finely crafted foods. Ritual is the only answer when you need to #STARTSTRONG

Iced coffee with a bacon, egg and cheese chicken cutlet (the Ritual signature) is mine, WHAT'S YOUR RITUAL?

Brett Read
Founder of Ritual Cafe

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